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Saturday, July 20th 10 am to 12:30 pm - Oakland Library

Kids Teach Tech is teaching Introduction to Scratch Programming and Programming Basics with Python this Saturday, July 20th at Oakland Library, Main Library, Community Meeting Room from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Register using button below, and see class details in next section. Contact us at info@kidsteachtech.com or (650) 265-7871 with any questions.




Programming Basics with Python

(1.5 hour) – Students ages 10 and up learn the basics of coding in Python and then build a working calculator.  See http://kidsteachtech.com/testimonials to see what students say about this class.

Visual Programming with Sphero Bolt Robotics

(1.5 hour) – Students ages 8 and up learn the basics of programming logic and problem solving by using a drag and drop block interface to code a Sphero Bolt to change colors, display images, and navigate a Space maze and obstacle course. See a video of Kids Teach Tech teaching this exciting class below. Coding comes to life with Sphero Bolt!

Build Your Own Take Home Website with HTML

(1 hour) - Students ages 9 and up learn the basics of HTML for website design and CSS for graphics in order to create their own website. See http://kidsteachtech.com/cities to see pictures of Kids Teach Tech teaching this class at Oakland City Hall.

Introduction to Scratch Programming

(1 hour) – Students ages 8 and up learn essential programming concepts with Scratch, a platform developed at MIT. Using drag and drop in a simple block-like interface, students can make a character move in specific ways with colorful visuals.

Sphero Bolt Class Video


Would you like Kids Teach Tech to  teach one of these classes at your school, company, or group? Send us an e-mail at info@kidsteachtech.com