Teaching programming and technology to underserved children



Programming Basics with Python

(1.5 hour) – Students ages 10 and up learn the basics of coding in Python and then build a working calculator.  See http://kidsteachtech.com/testimonials to see what students say about this class.

Visual Programming with Sphero Bolt Robotics

(1.5 hour) – Students ages 8 and up learn the basics of programming logic and problem solving by using a drag and drop block interface to code a Sphero Bolt to change colors, display images, and navigate a Space maze and obstacle course. Coding comes to life with Sphero Bolt!

Build Your Own Take Home Website with HTML

(1 hour) - Students ages 9 and up learn the basics of HTML for website design and CSS for graphics in order to create their own website. See http://kidsteachtech.com/cities to see pictures of Kids Teach Tech teaching this class at Oakland City Hall.

Introduction to Scratch Programming

(1 hour) – Students ages 8 and up learn essential programming concepts with Scratch, a platform developed at MIT. Using drag and drop in a simple block-like interface, students can make a character move in specific ways with colorful visuals.


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