Our Team

Kids Teach Tech is an organization run by a team of youth leaders who create and teach classes for their community, the nation, and internationally.

Arjun Mulchandani

Arjun is the Founder and CEO of Kids Teach Tech, Director of Instruction and Curriculum, and Recruiter of friends to help teach. Since Arjun has always loved technology and helping children learn, it was natural for him to want to start Kids Teach Tech. Arjun was honored with Kids Teach Tech to be honored as "2020 Agents of Change" by Diablo Magazine". Read the article here: https://www.diablomag.com/people-style/people/2020-agents-of-change/article_2497dab2-ddc4-11ea-bd92-4b28e2c76be4.html

Lucas Speier

Lucas is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Operations, Camp Creator and Director, Live Instructor, Teacher Trainer, Lead Teacher, Curriculum Designer, and Mentor at Kids Teach Tech. He has created many camps and classes for Kids Teach Tech including Crossy Road, Space Explorer, Pacman, and Tetris and looks forward to making more. He designed and coded the Kids Teach Tech Website as well as the Kids Teach Tech Portal for the team and spends countless hours helping to make Kids Teach Tech successful. He has always loved to code so when he found out about the program, he was immediately interested. He knows many different coding languages and loves teaching.

Aahan Bagga

Aahan is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Teacher Development. He is also a Camp Director, Curriculum Designer, Live Instructor, Lead Teacher and Mentor at Kids Teach Tech. He liked Arjun's idea about teaching kids that did not have the chance to learn coding. Once he heard Arjun's mission, he wanted to help instantly. He creates games in Python, and teaches it too!

Samantha Henry

Samantha is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Human Resources. She is also a Lead Teacher, Curriculum Designer, Technical Trainer, and Mentor with Kids Teach Tech. Her introduction to coding started with Scratch and her learning evolved while attending robotics after school activities. Samantha is thrilled to support, inspire, and motivate children in a fun learning environment! 

Elane Shane

Elane is Director of Virtual Learning and Marketing at Kid's Teach Tech. She found her passion for coding after taking a boot camp at her local community college. When she heard about Kid's Teach Tech, she knew that she wanted to be a part of this amazing community. Elane wants to use this platform to learn new programming languages and coding techniques. She wants to enhance her knowledge of software programming, and share the knowledge that she has discovered with younger kids so that they too can develop their interest in computer science and coding!

Lucas Ross

Lucas is Director of Website Development Curriculum and a Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. He has lots of programming experience with many different languages, mainly Java, HTML, CSS and JS. He really enjoys computer science, and wants to teach it to others. When he heard about Kids Teach Tech and their mission, he knew he wanted to be a part of it and make a difference. He hopes that others enjoy programming as much as he does!

Anna Chan

Anna is Director of Python Curriculum at Kids Teach Tech. She created Kids Teach Tech's famous Python 3 Class Series to teach Python concepts with fun projects and games. She kicked off our Level 2 Camp at UC Berkeley Engineering this year with her curriculum for Python! Anna loves coding with HTML/CSS to make websites, so she is also a member of the curriculum development team for our Create Your Own Website Class Series. She is learning JavaScript too. Many people don’t know much about coding, so when she heard about Kids Teach Tech and their mission, she was inspired to join and help make a difference!

Chioma Onyema

Chioma is Director of Student Experience and is really interested in coding and computer science. She also loves teaching kids, and having the two combined is destined to be a fantastic experience. She started coding at Coder School when she was 8 years old. She began with Scratch and later, Python. Some other hobbies that she has are volleyball, volunteering, and drawing.

Nicholas Wong

Nicholas is Kids Teach Tech's Director of 3D Design and Development Curriculum, Teacher Training, Camp Director, and Live Instructor at Kids Teach Tech. He wanted to join Kids Teach Tech because he loves to code and wants everyone to know what it is like to experience the magical sequences that make up the fundamentals of all computer operations.

Isra Celik 

Isra Celik is Director of Teaching Strategy and a camp teacher at Kids Teach Tech. She was thrilled to be given the opportunity to join the KTT team and has had a passion for coding since the first summer class she took in 4th grade. She enjoys coding in Python and Javascript but also has a hobby of rollerblading and reading in her free time. KTT is a perfect fit for her since she loves that the ability to share her knowledge and collaborate with others about programming makes the impact so much more powerful.

Inaaya Hyder

Inaaya is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Girl Empowerment, a Live Instructor and Lead Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. She has been coding since she was 6, and loved it ever since. She loves working with other kids and giving her time to the community. She took a four day course with Kids Teach Tech and got inspired with what they were doing and decided to join. She's having a new experience with Kids Teach Tech and she's proud she joined!

Adya Gupta

Adya is Director of Teacher Training at Kids Teach Tech. She has been coding ever since she was 8 and has loved it. So far, she has learned javascript, HTML, CSS, and Python. As soon as she found out that there was an opportunity to teach other kids, she took it. She loves the idea of giving back to the community. Adya has always loved to travel and play sports with her friends and family. 

Ira Dharia

Ira is Director of Recruiting at Kids Teach Tech and was super excited to be a teacher at the Berkeley Engineering Summer Camp. Kids Teach Tech excited Ira's passion for coding and teaching other females to code to increase the amount of women in STEM. At school, Ira has taken AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science P and has been looking for new opportunities to expand her coding knowledge since then. 

Mikael Akpala

Mikael is a Live Instructor at Kids Teach Tech. He has been interested in the art of programming since he started taking Scratch courses at the age of 7. He also created instructional videos to teach young kids basic math concepts. His goal is to use his teaching and coding experience to create a fun environment for kids of all ages.

Gus von Metzsch

Gus is a Curriculum Designer and Teaching Assistant at Kids Teach Tech. He enjoys programming many different things and loves helping teach more people with Kids Teach Tech. Gus heard about Kids Teach Tech in 2020 and immediately wanted to see what it was like and to join. He is currently developing a "Build a Maze in Scratch" class for Kids Teach Tech.

Rohan Prabhu

Rohan is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Scratch Curriculum Development. He is also a Curriculum Designer, Camp Director, Live Instructor, and Lead Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. He created the popular class "Cat vs. Wand". His interest in coding started when he first learned Scratch. Since then, he has been motivated to code in different languages. He has created games in Scratch and enjoys learning and creating new things through code. He hopes to help KTT with their mission to teach coding to underserved kids by sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm.

Dayla Fields

Dayla is a Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Camp Teacher, and Live Instructor. She loves having the ability to teach technology to her community and reach kids from all backgrounds. She believes that every child, regardless of where they come from, should have access to technology. If she isn’t coding, Dayla likes to play volleyball and piano and also wants to become an entrepreneur.

Alexandra Spoto

Alexandra is a Camp Teacher and Curriculum Designer with Kids Teach Tech who loves coding and joined to help other kids learn. She jumped right in to teach students in Comcast Game Coding Camp by Kids Teach Tech. She is designing a beginning Scratch class with another Kids Teach Tech Member.

Cole McGinnis

Cole is a Camp Teacher with Kids Teach Tech. He had a voluntary job as a "Tech Specialist" in the school library, and got a letter of recommendation from the librarian. He loves to code in languages like JavaScript and HTML, and is interested in sharing his knowledge with the community of kids interested in the subject. He has taken 2 official classes on coding and learned a lot from his dad, a software developer who works at Ellie Mae. He has also read numerous books on JavaScript and HTML, EX: JavaScript The Definitive Guide.

Lillie King

Lillie is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Diversity and Inclusion and a Camp Teacher. She works well with kids and loves to teach kids. She wanted to join Kids Teach Tech because she wanted to learn how to teach coding to other kids. She also wanted to get experience coding to help in school.

Meha Banga

Meha is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Public Services, Camp Teacher, Live Instructor, Lead Teacher, and Curriculum Designer at Kids Teach Tech. She first started coding in 2017 and absolutely loved it. She hopes to teach other students how fun and useful coding can be. Kids Teach Tech gave her the opportunity to work with students and help them learn in a fun environment.

Balaji Gupta

Balaji is a Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. His favorite hobbies are Taekwondo, Arts and Carts, Coding, and Gaming.

Jacob Cabrera

Jacob is a Curriculum Designer and Camp Teacher who is not new to Kids Teach Tech. In fact, he took all the Kids Teach Tech classes and camps before joining to begin teaching others. He completed Teacher Training, and is already doing an incredible job teaching.

Oscar Jimenez

Oscar is a Curriculum Designer and Camp Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. He is eleven years old, likes to practice baseball, play videogames and now coding. He also enjoys playing with his dog. He really wants to help kids to learn coding.

Tal Lerner

Tal is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Quality Assurance and Language Support. He is also a Camp Teacher and Curriculum Designer at Kids Teach Tech. He was excited about Arjun's idea to teach kids who would not usually be able to take programming classes and wanted to join him. He created the class "Animated Name" and is also creating the class "How to Use a Computer and Google Docs". He was the first member of Kids Teach Tech to join Arjun on the team.

Blake Pierre

Blake is a Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. About 18 months ago, Blake was introduced to coding for the first time at a Kids Teach Tech class. He had such a great experience that he continued to take more classes. Over time, Blake's interest in coding grew so much that he decided to become a teacher. Blake hopes to share his knowledge and love for coding with new students.

Jacob Trentini

Jacob is a Teacher at Kids Teach Tech, who loves robotics as well as teaching people programming! He also enjoys coding Full-Stack-Websites with HTML, CSS, and Python and combining them in another language called Flask. Jacob loves the idea that he will be teaching kids coding and hopes that he can contribute a large amount of his information towards an amazing non-profit organization, Kids Teach Tech and everyone out in the universe!

Tharun Velavan

Tharun is a Teacher at Kids Teach Tech, who is interested in coding, and likes to make games in scratch. He wants to teach kids to use tech. He hopes that by teaching, he can improve his teaching skills, and make his student’s day. He took the Comcast Camp and decided that he wanted to be a teacher too. Even though he’s new to coding he hopes he can challenge himself, and be more creative.

Eli McKoy Beiser

Eli is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Teaching Strategy, Mentorships, and Marketing Outreach. He is also a Camp Teacher and Mentor himself. Eli loves technology! He is always so excited to share his knowledge with kids not as fortunate as him. He wants everyone to have the same access to opportunity in the tech world.

Adelaide Knowles Bashir

Adelaide is a Camp Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. She is an artist and a maker and became interested in Scratch programming. She enjoyed taking classes at KTT and immediately jumped at the opportunity to become an assistant teacher. She values helping people and providing her artistic and whimsical perspectives to coding.

Rory Porter

Rory is a Camp Teacher with Kids Teach Tech. He has a strong passion for Python coding, but is also beginning to learn Unity. He first joined us in classes at the Oakland Public Library. He took Kids Teach Tech's Coding Tetris with Python Summer Camp and decided to join. After Teacher Training, he helped with Comcast Game Coding Camp by Kids Teach Tech. He is eager to become a better teacher, and is excited to teach others how to code who would otherwise never get exposed to coding.

Imraan Mohammed

Imraan is a Camp teacher at Kids Teach Tech and first started coding in scratch during a class by kids teach tech. Since then he has expanded his programming skills and has learned some python and java. He hopes he can help other kids like him code and for every kid to have the opportunity. Imraan is a great resource of information on coding and loves to talk. So come talk to him and get great insights into coding along with how to get started.

Nyan Prakash

Nyan is a Teacher Trainer, Live Instructor, Lead Teacher and Curriculum Designer. Nyan enjoys coding because the possibilities are endless - from making "choose your own" adventure stories to video games to much more. When he heard about Kids Teach Tech, his first question was "How can I help?" Nyan has created many classes for Kids Teach Tech including Making Newton's Apple, Snakes and Berries, Top Down Shooter, and Create Your Own Website using HTML and CSS.

Akshay Kamath

Akshay is the Director of Java Curriculum at Kids Teach Tech. His interest in coding began early on in high school when he coded in JavaScript on a website called CodeHS. The problem solving process, visualization for how code segments are expected to perform, and debugging were fascinating to him and were even more prevalent when he transitioned towards Java in AP Computer Science A. As far as math classes, Akshay has recently finished AP Calculus AB and is taking AP Calculus BC next school year. He is looking forward to lending his understanding of programming fundamentals and the coding process as a whole to kids who may not have access to that information.

Nancy Heppe

Nancy is a curriculum designer and Camp Teacher with Kids Teach Tech. She developed the Introduction to Java class. She has taken the AP computer science class offered at her high school and continues to learn using other online courses. She was encouraged to learn computer science by her dad. She was excited to hear of the opportunity to help inspire others to learn more about programming through Kids Teach Tech.

Soha Shahid

Soha is a Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. She is very passionate about coding. Soha first started coding when she was 9, and couldn't stop then! In her free time, she likes to play video games and (obviously) code. She loves teaching young kids and hopes to inspire them to do more!

Shaivi Kancharla

Shaivi is a Camp Teacher with Kids Teach Tech. She attended all four Kids Teach Tech Summer Camps and decided she wanted to join the team and start helping other kids learn. She jumped right in to help with Comcast Game Coding Camp by Kids Teach Tech.

Yamanni Estacion

Yamanni is a Teacher at Kids Teach Tech, who did not know what to expect until she went to her first KTT class, and felt it was fantastic. Once she found out she could join and help other kids teach, she was excited and couldn't wait! She had only been to a few classes in KTT, and those classes have improved her understanding of coding a lot. She feels KTT has great programs for those who dream to make games in their career, just like her! She thinks that KTT has helped her a lot, especially with Scratch! She is super exited to teach kids and to be part of the team.

Sirisha Velavan

Sirisha is a Teacher at Kids Teach Tech, who is intrigued by the growing industry of XR Technology. She wants to learn more about developing XR Stories/Games due to her love for creating: combining creativity and problem-solving to create amazing experiences. She joined Kids Teach Tech to demonstrate to kids that coding can involve your imagination, not just numbers! She knows Scratch, MIT App Inventor, Blippar, Python, HTML, CSS, and is currently learning C# and C++.

Hudson Hilal

Hudson is Kids Teach Tech's Director of Recruiting, a Camp Teacher, and Live Instructor who is very enthusiastic about coding and technology and has experience in coding with Python, Java, and C++. He really enjoys helping students learn to code as he believes it will be a necessary skill in the future and that everyone should have the opportunity to learn it.

Akash Seetharam

Akash is a Camp Teacher and Curriculum designer at Kids Teach Tech. Akash first learned JavaScript and loved making interactive and fun programs with it. He also likes to learn about encrypting and decrypting in cryptography and computer security. His latest coding project for his school's Science Fair project involved javascript on Khan Academy to simulate the spread of a genetic trait in a population of flowers. Akash is co-developing the "Flowchart Fundamentals" course.

Shayaan Khan

Shayaan is a Camp Teacher at Kids Teach Tech, who first started coding at age eight and likes to code in python and scratch. He is a great student who likes editing video game files. Shayaan found out about kidsteachtech from his school and signed up right away. As a member of kidsteachtech, he loves to teach kids how to code!

Toren Moylan

Toren is a Camp Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. He knows HTML, CSS, JS, Javascript, C#, Python. and Ruby. Toren is 10 years old and really smart. When Toren was 8 he made his first ever website using HTML and CSS. Ever since he chose to be a web developer when he grows up he has been practicing a lot.

Jahaan Pardhanani

Jahaan Pardhanani is a Project Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. His interest in coding started when he first learned scratch at the age of 6. Jahaan enjoys working with Arduino, coding in Unity, CSS, HTML, and Python, and creating Roblox games. He enjoys teaching other kids and was very excited when he learnt that he too can join Kids Teach Tech to help many kids learn to code.

Audrey Lu

Audrey is a Teaching Assistant and Curriculum Designer with hopes to make creative and fun classes for students to learn. Audrey was first introduced to coding in 2014 and she loved it. She wishes to help all underserved kids that want to learn coding. When she first heard about Kids Teach Tech she was amazed and wanted to help immediately.

Hayden Peterson

Hayden is a Teaching Assistant at Kids Teach Tech. He is excited about teaching coding because he hopes that it will create future innovators in communities that may not have access to coding classes. He also likes using coding to create video games and wants to train others to do the same.

Rishal Melvani

Rishal is a Kids Teach Tech Teacher who not only codes in multiple languages, but is also a very talented Tennis player. He has always enjoyed helping others, so he welcomed the opportunity to help students learn coding skills through Kids Teach Tech.

Avi Prakash

Avi is a Project Teacher and Lead Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. He has made games in Javascript. He is new to coding, but feels strongly about educating underserved kids. Once he heard about Arjun’s mission, Avi was eager to help.

Bethany Manley

Bethany is a Project Teacher for Kids Teach Tech. She learned about KTT from her uncle, a Google Programmer, who wanted to help her find an avenue to share her knowledge with other kids. She has a lot of practice teaching her brother, Jeremy, who was deaf until he was three and needed a lot of help with learning and speaking. Now, she's ready to stretch that teaching talent further and share her love of coding with others. She can't wait to work with you!