Teaching programming and technology to underserved children

Give a Donation as a Gift

Give a gift to someone you care for and help Kids Teach Tech reach more underserved youth!

Donate an old laptop, iPad, or money and we will send a beautiful Kids Teach Tech card to the person of your choice letting them know you made a donation in their honor. 

We will also send a follow up email to let you know which class the equipment/donation was used for.

Kids Teach Tech has been teaching at schools and groups that have access to laptops. Getting old laptops, iPads, and donations will allow them to teach groups that do not have laptops and teach additional classes in Robotics. All donations made to date have been used to purchase a Sphero Bolt Power Pack to teach Robotics. See video of this exciting Kids Teach Tech class at www.facebook.com/kidsteachtech .

If you would like to donate equipment, please send us an email at info@kidsteachtech.com. To donate money, please use the button below. We will reach out to you by e-mail to get details about your gift recipient. Please allow 10 days for card delivery, though e-mails can be sent to recipients upon request.

Include your mailing address, and we will also send you a receipt for your tax deductible donation, since we are an official 501-C3 non-profit organization.