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Kids Teach Tech empowers youth to seize the technology opportunities of their future. We enable students to become teachers who create and teach classes for their community. We teach free classes to youth in libraries, schools, non-profit groups, and live-online across California, the United States, and now Internationally.

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Scratch and Python Programming Classes

In Person / Kids Teach Tech San Ramon Office / Saturday, November 12th @ 10am - 1:30pm PST

Join Kids Teach Tech in Person in the new Kids Teach Tech San Ramon Office for two classes in Scratch and Python Programming. Click the red button below for more information and applications for the individual classes.

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Kids Teach Tech In The News

21st August 2020

Agents Of Change

While most 10-year-olds are focused on homework, friends, sports, or video games, Arjun Banerjee Mulchandani launched his own company...

18th October 2021

U.C. Berkeley Engineering & KTT

Berkeley IEOR & Georgia Tech ISYE partner with Kids Tech Tech to inspire underrepresented youth with the power of engineering...

10th August 2021

Georgia Tech & KTT

The Seth Bonder Camp in Computational and Data Science for Engineering is a five-day summer program for high school students...

23rd April 2021

Girls Steam Expo

National College Resource Foundation CEO and COO with KTT Girls/Teens on stage before KTT's Empowerment through Coding Expo workshop.

3rd February 2019

Logikcull Blog

Learning Technology, With The Help Of An 11 Year Old. He launched KTT by introducing Python to over 75 underserved students in Oakland...


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Kids Teach Tech Stats

All of Kids Teach Tech's Team Members have spent countless hours helping to teach coding to students around the world.


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Janet Hayes

"I'd like to thank you and all of the KTT team members for your wonderful work! My son, Logan Bowie, is learning so much this week in camp, and I'm enjoying eavesdropping on the classes. I'm very impressed with the well-organized lessons, and with the skills of the young teachers. ... Aahan deserves a lot of praise for his patience, positivity, and ability to multi-task with his break-out group. He is not only a skilled coder, but also a natural teacher and -- most important -- a kind and generous young man. I am so grateful that my son is spending this week with such a wonderful role model."

Ramtin Bani Noe

"Thanks a lot for helping Ariana to learn Python. She had an awesome time and enjoyed taking part in the course. I was blown away by the quality of the teaching and the nice presentation at the end." 

Sabrina Charles

"Blake absolutely loved the class. It was his first exposure to a coding class. The material was relatable and the instructors were so patient and helpful. He wants to continue and take additional classes. "

Cindy Vaes

"My son took your Introduction to Python class yesterday and LOVED it. He loves coding in general (Scratch and some Java Script) so to be introduced to a new coding language was amazing. On top of this, the way the class was set up and the energy of his coach in the breakout room was second to none! As a result, we would love to be informed of any new classes or summer camps that you are offering! He is also interested in finding out more about becoming a teacher for your non-profit! He is very comfortable with Scratch, but hopes to get more proficient in Python, Java (Script) and other coding languages."

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