Teaching programming and technology to underserved children



Kids Teach Tech taught classes to 75+ High School kids in Oakland

Here are the Class Survey Results:

  • 95% felt the class was useful and informative.
  • 97% felt they now had a basic understanding of Python programming.
  • 95% would encourage others to take this or a similar course.

This is what students said about the course:

"Student presenter did a fantastic job of showing the material, walking around the room and helping students, and making sure every student meet the goal of the course" 

"I like it a lot, it was helpful! Thank you for teaching us PYTHON! :)"

"The class was great and the instructor was awesome."

"Very informative and insightful"

"As someone who has not had much exposure to computer coding, I found the class easy to follow and informative."

"The step by step process that the person did was helpful."

"The presentation was neat and easy to follow. :D"

"This was great! Arjun is a great teacher!"

"The instructor Arjun did everything perfect."

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(1 hour) – Students ages 8 and up learn essential programming concepts with Scratch, a platform developed at MIT. Using drag and drop in a simple block-like interface, students can make a character move in specific ways with colorful visuals.

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