Coder Club

Join our signature Coder Club to have the most fun as a Kids Teach Tech student. You'll get free spots in private classes, new classes first, custom coding, and fun events with fantastic speakers!

Join Kids Teach Tech Coder Club!

Exclusive Access To:

  • Creative coding sessions with Kids Teach Tech (2 hours each)
  • Youth Technology Events with exciting speakers from Companies and Universities/Colleges
  • Access to attend new classes before they are taught to the public
  • 25% Discount on our classes, camps, and events
  • Priority Registration for our classes, camps and events

Pricing $50 for first 6 months, free for families with financial challenge.

If you have any questions or have financial challenge and would like to use our alternate registration, please contact us here or (650) 265-7871.

Space is very limited - sign up now!

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