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Arjun Banerjee Mulchandani


Arjun is the founder of Kids Teach Tech, Director of Instruction and Curriculum, and Recruiter of friends to help teach. Since Arjun has always loved technology and helping children learn, it was natural for him to want to start Kids Teach Tech. See what students have said about Arjun's teaching at  http://kidsteachtech.com/testimonials and see a video of the exciting new Sphero Bolt class on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/kidsteachtech

Tal Lerner


Tal is a Tutor, Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Designer, and future Lead Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. He was excited about Arjun's idea to teach kids who would not usually be able to take programming classes and wanted to join him. He is currently creating the class "How to Use a Computer and Google Docs".

Nyan Prakash


Nyan is a Lead Teacher and Curriculum Designer. Nyan enjoys coding because the possibilities are endless - from making "choose your own" adventure stories to video games to much more. When he heard about Kids Teach Tech, his first question was "How can I help?" Nyan is the lead designer for the class "Build Your Own Take Home Website in HTML".

Audrey Lu


Audrey is a Teaching Assistant and Curriculum Designer with hopes to make creative and fun classes for students to learn. Audrey was first  introduced to coding in 2014 and she loved it. She wishes to help all  underserved kids that want to learn coding.  When she first heard about Kids Teach Tech she was amazed and wanted to help immediately

Hayden Peterson


Hayden is a Teaching Assistant at Kids Teach Tech. He is excited about  teaching coding because he hopes that it will create future innovators in communities that may not have access to coding classes. He also likes using coding to create video games and wants to train others to do the same.

Samantha Henry


Samantha is a Technical Trainer and Teaching Assistant with Kids Teach Tech. Her introduction to coding started with Scratch and her learning evolved while attending robotics after school activities. Samantha is thrilled to support, inspire, and motivate children in a fun learning environment! 

Lillie King


Lillie is a Teaching Assistant for Kids Teach Tech. She works well with kids and loves to teach kids. She wanted to join Kids Teach Tech because she wanted to learn how to teach coding to other kids. She also wanted to get experience coding to help in school.

Nicholas Wong


Nicholas is a Teaching Assistant and Tutor at Kids Teach Tech. He wanted to join Kids Teach Tech because he loves to code and wants everyone to know what it is like to experience the magical sequences that make up the fundamentals of all computer operations.  

Meha Banga


 I first started coding in 2017 and absolutely loved it. I hope to teach other students how fun and useful coding can be. KTT gave me the opportunity to work with students and help them learn in a fun environment.

Avi Prakash


Avi is a Teaching Assistant and Curriculum Designer. He has made games in Javascript. He is new to coding, but feels strongly about educating underserved kids. Once he heard about Arjun’s mission, Avi was eager to help.

Amirah Muhammad


Amirah  Is a teaching assistant for Kids Teach Tech who loves  learning  python. Her dream is to become an engineer and create phantasy adventure  games utilizing the unity game engine. She also wants to program  humanoid robots. 

Aahan Bagga


Aahan is a Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Designer, and future Lead Teacher at Kids Teach Tech. He liked Arjun's idea about teaching kids that did not have the chance to learn coding. Once he heard Arjun's mission, he wanted to help instantly. He creates games in Python, and wants to teach it too! 

Akshay Seetharam


Akshay is a Curriculum Designer at Kids Teach Tech. He knows Python, JavaScript and HTML. His last coding  project included an Amazon Alexa skill and Neural Network-based Machine Learning with Python. He is developing a course titled "Flowchart Fundamentals" that will enable kids to learn programming logic without a computer!

Jeffrey Kwan


Jeffrey is a Teaching Assistant and Future Lead Teacher. He is really interested in coding and started coding at the age of 7. When Jeffrey first heard about Kids Teach Tech, he understood the goal and was very excited to join. Jeffrey has had good experience with teaching from being a teacher assistant in his math class. He has coding experience with Scratch, Python, Javascript, and some of C++ and Java.  

Akash Seetharam


Akash is a curriculum designer at Kids Teach Tech. Akash first learned JavaScript and loved making interactive and fun programs with it. He also likes to learn about encrypting and decrypting in cryptography and computer security. His latest coding project for his school's Science Fair project involved javascript on Khan Academy to simulate the spread of a genetic trait in a population of flowers. Akash is co-developing the "Flowchart Fundamentals" course. 

Rohan Prabhu


Rohan is a Teaching Assistant at Kids Teach Tech. His interest in coding started when he first learned Scratch. Since then, he has been motivated to code in different languages. He has created games in Scratch and enjoys learning and creating new things through code. He hopes to help KTT with their mission to teach coding to underserved kids by sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm.  

Victoria Dacosta


Victoria is a Teaching Assistant and a Curriculum Designer at Kids Teach Tech. Victoria learned how to code in 2016 at her school. When she was first introduced to coding she was determined to learn more about technology. Victoria wanted to help Kids Teach Tech to introduce coding to students who do not have the ability to learn at their own school.

Lucas Lumsden


Lucas is a Teaching Assistant with Kids Teach Tech. He enjoys programming and computers and feels it would be pretty fun to help Kids Teach Tech to become a bigger family. He loves speaking in front of others and is from Austria.

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