Empowering Youth to Teach programming and technology for their communities

Empowering Youth to Teach programming and technology for their communities

Empowering Youth to Teach programming and technology for their communitiesEmpowering Youth to Teach programming and technology for their communities

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A Unique Opportunity

Unlike many programs teaching technology or coding, Kids Teach Tech is more than a set of classes. It is an incredible opportunity for youth to lead impact in their community, teach classes themselves, become technology experts while creating exciting new classes, work with teams solving real problems, and join a new global movement where kids are helping kids. 

“Why join Kids Teach Tech? To make an impact in your community. Why make an impact in your community? Because it is the right thing to do.” Kids Teach Tech Founder, Arjun Mulchandani.

Roles for Youth 8-18 years old

Lead Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Tutor, Curriculum Designer, Teacher Trainer

Kids Teach Tech is looking for young community leaders 8-18 years old who work well in teams and are passionate about empowering youth by teaching technology and helping others to take advantage of future opportunities in careers related to technology.  Contact us at info@kidsteachtech.com or (650) 265-7871 if you are interested.

Reasons to join Kids Teach Tech

  • make an impact in your community
  • learn basic and advanced coding
  • learn to teach and help teach
  • get leadership opportunities
  • learn presentation skills
  • work with a fantastic and fun team
  • learn teaching techniques from Stanford University School of Education
  • attend to kids teach tech’s annual tech summit and learn from representatives at top technology companies 
  • field trips to technology companies and Universities 
  • potential speaking engagements
  • no tech experience required

Volunteer Roles for Adults

Kids Teach Tech is an all-volunteer organization. So you will be helping and supporting both the kids teaching classes and students by donating your precious time and energy for this great cause. If you are interested in joining our team or getting more information, contact us at info@kidsteachtech.com or (650) 265-7871.

Social Media Marketing Manager

As the social media marketing manager for Kids Teach Tech, you will own telling the wonderful story of the kids taking time off on their weekends and evenings to teach other kids who don't have access to technology classes. As the first marketing volunteer for the organization, you will help develop the voice and core message to communicate with the world. Telling the story of KTT through the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media outlets is central to the role. 

Marketing Manager

In this role, you will manage new marketing materials for events, campaigns, outbound marketing to include key influencers, press relations and co-marketing with partner and supporting organizations.

Marketing Manager - Customers

We are looking for someone to take ownership of lists related to customer engagement (i.e. kids and parents interested in the classes), volunteers, and others interested in KTT, and to use CRM or lead management products to engage with interested individuals.


We have many mentorship opportunities at Kids Teach Tech. Volunteers can mentor teachers and curriculum designers in teaching and creating coding and robotics classes. Volunteers can come to our events also to mentor students and help them see the possibilities in careers in technology or technology related fields.