Teaching programming and technology to UNDERSERVED children

Comcast NBCUniversal Partnership

Comcast is Kids Teach Tech's Corporate Founding Partner. Through Comcast, Kids Teach Tech teaches at Oakland Boys and Girls Club and taught 50 kids at Comcast Kids Day in Livermore. Comcast has also donated laptops for Kids Teach Tech to use for classes in locations without laptops.

Our goal in every community is to have students become teachers and lift up their own communities. Since Comcast helps low income families get inexpensive internet at home through their Internet Essentials program, we are hoping that more low-income kids coming to our classes will be able continue learning and become Kids Teach Tech Lead Teachers.

Logikcull Family Coding Day

Kids Teach Tech taught Python Programming at Logikcull's Family Day in San Francisco. See their blogpost describing it below. The generous donation from Logikcull helped pay for Kids Teach Tech's Sphero Bolt Power Pack, used to teach robotics classes.

lnvite Kids Teach Tech to teach both kids and adults at your company or professional organization's Family or Kids at Work Day by sending an e-mail to info@kidsteachtech.com. All donations from Family Coding Days go directly towards equipment purchases for Kids Teach Tech classes for underserved youth.